Surviving Bullies Videobook

Are you, or is someone you know, troubled by bullying? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve written an interactive multimedia book filled with 59 videos. The videos are mostly of teenagers who’ve been bullied and give you practical suggestions about how you can deal with bullies. Our goal is to give YOU the power to survive bullies!


Surviving Bullies Charity

The SBC mission is to create programs to find and help bullied children and to prevent bullying. Working via schools and the web, our goal is to reach all children affected by bullying and give them tools to help them cope with it. We also aim to educate the public about bullying.


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School Climate Project

This project helps find students who are being bullied, helps bullied students deal with bullying, provides aggregate data about school bullying climates to school officials, and helps improve the overall climate of each school in order to let students learn and teachers teach.


The Surviving Bullies Charity

bul•ly•ing: n.
A deliberate, repeated, or long-term exposure to negative acts performed by a person or a group of persons of higher status or greater strength than the target.
Our Mission:

To find and then to help targets of bullying deal with the potentially devastating consequences of bullying. By working through schools and delivering programs over the internet, we aim to reach the largest number possible of children affected by bullying and to provide them with tools that empower them to cope with the problem on their own.

Click on the images below to watch videos about bullying:

Maddie, What Does it Feel Like to be Bullied?

What Do You Think of When You Hear the Word "Bullying?"

The Impact of Rumors

The Isolation Trap

Take a look at the Surviving Bullies Store to purchase and download the Surviving Bullies Videobook.

For more information about bullying, consequences of bullying, and tools to use against it, go to the Surviving Bullies Project resources area.

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