Surviving Bullies Workbook

Excerpt: Completing the Incident Report

imageMany individuals who are being bullied describe their experiences as similar to getting lost in a dense fog—a fog where one’s emotions
become confused, where one can no longer tell a friend from a foe, and even bystanders seem to have turned hostile.

Suddenly, buildings that were once safe have morphed into menacing corridors where bullies may lurk. School buses have now become confined spaces with no escape. The formerly innocent comments of classmates now seem to take on malicious double meanings.

The purpose of the Incident Report is to help you cut through the fog of confusion caused by you being bullied.

The process of recording the facts will allow you to think clearly and objectively about what is happening to you.

Specifically, the Incident Report has been designed to help you work out:
—Who is bullying you
—Where they are bullying you
—How they are bullying you
—How severely they are bullying you

Most importantly, this section will help you accurately record the complex feelings you have about being bullied. Please fill out the Incident Report based on your most typical experience with bullying. If you are being bullied in a number of ways, please make note of this in the comments sections.

Remember, your goal is to accurately report how you are being bullied. By doing so, you will be able to move forward and solve your bullying problem based on real facts, not on confusion. Once again, this workbook is confidential. So please answer the questions as openly and honestly as you can. Lets begin!

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