School Climate Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to participate in The School Climate Project if his/her school is participating?

No, participation is optional.  However, the more students participate, the better picture we can get of the school’s climate and the more we can tailor our programs to help the school improve its climate to benefit everyone in the community.

How long will the questionnaires take to complete?

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to complete the questionnaires.  The range can be from 20-40 minutes.

Will parents get the results of the questionnaires?

No.  The questionnaires are confidential and no one will see the results.  Parents will only receive feedback in one of two unlikely situations.  First, if your child’s answers indicate that they may potentially harm themselves or others, you will receive a call from a doctor who will suggest local resources who could help your child.  Second, if your child’s answers indicate that they may be having difficulty with bullying, they will receive an invitation by email to receive our Video Book.  This book is designed to help children cope with the effects of bullying.

Will the school see the results of my child’s questionnaire?

No.  The questionnaires are confidential.  The school will only see aggregate results, i.e. they will see that X% of grade Y feels “very connected” to the school.  They will receive detailed reports and analyses of overall results but will not see any individual answers or names of students. They will also not know which, if any, students are offered the Video Book or contacted by doctors. 

What if my child does not get the invitation to receive the Video Book, but I still want them to go through it?

The Video Book is available for sale on our home page.

What if my child doesn’t have access to a computer at home to do the Video Book?

You should check with your local library (we can send you a disk so that it doesn’t have to be downloaded) or with your school.  The schools are all making arrangements to help students who don’t have access to home computers to receive the Video Book.

Will the questionnaire show you who the bullies are?

No.  The main focus of the current project is to find kids who are targets of bullying and help them.  By increasing awareness of the issues surrounding bullying, we also hope to empower bystanders to do more to prevent bullying - by helping targets and withdrawing support from the bullies.  As the atmosphere in a school becomes less tolerant of bullying, bullies tend to recede.

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