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The Surviving Bullies Project Mission


The Surviving Bullies Project (SBP) is a grassroots effort dedicated to helping targets of bullying, their family, friends and community.  The SBP strives to provide practical tools and strategies for targets to better cope with being bullied and regain control of their situation.  The SBP also works to create tools that empower everyone including parents, teachers, school administrators, young adults and kids to take charge and foster a more tolerant social climate in their schools and community.

Helping the Individual

The Surviving Bullies Project seeks to help the individual by:

1. Making available, in a downloadable format, the Surviving Bullies VideoBook.  This multi-media, interactive VideoBook comes in an easy-to-use Adobe PDF format.  It is rich with over 50 videos of teenagers, who were themselves targets of bullying, speaking about their experiences and giving practical advice to their peers. Status: newly available at

2. Making available, in hard copy, a user-friendly yet sophisticated Surviving Bullies Workbook, which provides practical tools and advice for adolescent targets of bullying. The workbook translates the latest academic literature related to bullying into an engaging format for teens.  Status: available at

3. Creating a network of resources for young adults and adults on the issue of bullying via  The site features other leading anti-bullying websites worldwide, articles for young adults and parents, programs for schools and the latest research related to bullying. The site also offers other resources from warning signs of bullying to real-life stories from former targets of bullying.

Finding and Helping Targets of Bullying

Through the School Climate Project, The Surviving Bullies Charity, Inc. is working with middle schools and high schools to find and help targets of bullying.  We have developed (in conjunction with the Yale University Department of Psychology) a sophisticated online questionnaire that is being given to students in participating schools.  It looks at topics ranging from connectedness to school, to anxiety, depression, peer victimization, connectedness to family, cyberbullying, etc. to identify kids that are having difficulties with bullying. Those that are identified are then confidentially given the Surviving Bullies VideoBook to empower them to cope with the effects of bullying.

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