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Anti-Bullying Websites

Anti-Bullying Alliance (
A website with great resources for children, parents, and teachers.

Raven Days (
An abundance of real-life stories from victims of bullying and their parents, as well as many valuable resources for bullying victims.

Bullying Online ( 
A comprehensive, anti-bullying website that provides advice to parents, kids, teachers, and youth leaders, put together by Liz Carnell. It has resources for both the bullied and the bully.

Stop Bullying Now (
This website was put together by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It includes “webisodes” that portray hypothetical bullying situations, with questions at the end.

Anti-Bullying Network (
This Scottish website contains great information on bullying related to school communities and the consequences of this bullying.

Stop Bullying Me (
A great Canadian website with serious advice for targets of bullying and their parents.

The SCRE Centre: Bullying at School Information (
Another great Scottish website about bullying, with interesting quotes from the victim, the bully, the parent, and the school staff.

Maine Project Against Bullying (
A Maine-based organization that performs research and creates surveys to learn more about bullying and evaluates current available resources on bullying.

International Bullying Prevention Association (
The mission of the International Bullying Prevention Association is to support and enhance quality research based bullying prevention principles and practices in order to achieve a safe school climate, healthy work environment, good citizenship and civic responsibility.

Bullying. No Way! (
A user-friendly, interactive website for kids, parents, teachers, and whole school communities; the “chill out” space is worth a special look.

Talk Helps (
An interactive website for kids exploring hypothetical scenarios from the bully’s, intervener’s, bystander’s, and victim’s points of view. A separate site for parents is under development.  In English and French. Dealing with Bullying (
Classroom activities for grades 1-2 teaching youngsters to recognize bullying behavior and learn how to deal with it effectively.

Bully Free Kids (
They offer daily “Bully Free Living” tips, which provide concise advice about how to improve one’s self-esteem.

Beatbullying (
A kid-led, kid-authored organization dedicated to creating “a society where bullying is unacceptable”

Dealing with Bullying (
A great website for kids, parents, teachers, and the whole community, with an emphasis on action-based measures to halt bullying.

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