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Did You Know: Christina Aguilera was Bullied

Claim to Fame

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Commanding the stage with her voice from a very young age, Christina Aguilera is now one of America’s most successful singer-songwriters.  Aguilera was initially marketed as a “bubblegum pop” artist (with the likes of Britney Spears and Mandy Moore), but was dissatisfied with the music and image her management had created for her.  The bold, petite singer decided to focus on self-expression, cultivating a more daring fashion sense and edgier songs.  She has had four number one singles on the Billboard Top 100 and two top five albums in the United States.  Aguilera has won three Grammy Awards and one Latin Grammy Award.  (Source:


As a child, Christina enjoyed lining up her stuffed animals like they were her audience and singing to them. (Source: As an adult, Christina is very passionate about different causes, and has remained a strong force in her hometown of Pittsburgh, contributing financially to the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh.  She is also affiliated with PETA, Wildlife Foundation, and the Coalition for the Cure of Blindness.  In her November 2006 wedding, Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman donated all of their wedding gifts to charities in support of Hurricane Katrina victims. 

Target Profile

Dubbed “the little girl with the big voice,” Christina Aguilera performed in many talent competitions growing up, defeating her opponents with little effort.  However, this label became troublesome for her because competitors began to back out of competitions when they learned who they were up against.  Her own classmates in high school were jealous of her celebrity, and began teasing her, isolating her, and even trying to physically assault her.  At her senior prom, when a DJ played her hit single “Genie in a Bottle,” most of her classmates stopped dancing and left the floor. (Source: Her classmates even went as far as vandalizing her family’s property, in which the tires on her family’s car were slashed.  Aguilera and family ended up relocating because of her peers’ nasty behavior, and Christina refused to talk about her talent for fear of similar incidents in her new neighborhood.  (Source:

In the entertainment industry, Christina has had her share of ups and downs as well.  Since their simultaneous entrance into the music arena, the media has reported constant feuding between Britney and Christina, to which Christina responded on her fan website, “If certain journalists want to throw their integrity out the window by spreading false information, then so be it.  But I’m not falling for their lies and neither should my fans or Britney’s, alike.” (Source: Christina has also had to fend off rumors started by singers like Eminem and Limp Bizkit.  In his single “The Real Slim Shady,” Eminem made allegations about Aguilera, which she countered were “disgusting,” “offensive,” and “not true.” (Source:,6115,85175_1%7C6219%7C%7C0_0_,00.html). 

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