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Did You Know: President Clinton was Bullied

Friday, March 31, 2006

Claim to Fame

President Clinton Courtesy of Wikipedia.orgIn 1992, the brilliant and charismatic Bill Clinton won the hearts of the American public and became one of the youngest presidents in American history at the age of 46. In 1996, he also became the first democratic president since 1936 (Franklin Roosevelt) to win re-election. Despite the controversies and scandals that plagued his tenure as president, Clinton led the U.S. toward significant economic expansion, reduction in unemployment, and growth during his time in the White House. He ended his presidential career with a bang: a whopping 65% approval rating.

Prior to his presidential career, Bill Clinton was an all-star in the academic arena. Our talented Mr. President won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship (awarded to 90 students around the world each year) after receiving a degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. He then went on to study law at Yale Law School. (Source:


Besides his leading role in the political and academic arena, Clinton has been stealing the show as a saxophonist since he was a kid. Clinton loved music and playing the saxophone so much that he considered becoming a professional musician. (Source:

Clinton is also an avid reader. In fact, he’s been reading since the age of three! (Source:

Target Profile

As a kid, our all-star president struggled with his body image, and he was teased for being overweight. Luckily, the resilient “Billy,” as his friends call him, refused to let the fat jokes keep him down, and worked hard to propel himself all the way to the White House. Now he admits to being a “fat band boy” with much candor (source: In his post-presidential career, Clinton champions a campaign to end childhood obesity. You’ve made us proud, Mr. President.

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