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Did You Know: Steven Spielberg was Bullied

Claim to Fame:

imageFour-time Academy Award-winning director, Spielberg directed Jaws, E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and many more outstanding movies.

Unusual Hobbies:

Not surprisingly, Spielberg enjoyed making movies when he was younger. He made his first film at 12. He made at least four movies on his own by the time he was 18, including a 140-minute science fiction epic called Firelight. Spielberg also got his little sister, Annie, to act in his movies and sell popcorn at his (home) movie screenings for friends and family. 

Target Profile:

As a teenager, Steven Spielberg’s family moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Saratoga, California. The kids at Saratoga High School picked on Spielberg for being Jewish. It’s also suspected that the kids picked on Spielberg because he showed symptoms of Asperger Syndrome ( One symptom related to Asperger is delay in development of social skills.  When asked about his experiences at Saratoga High School, Spielberg would always say that it was “hell on Earth.” Nowadays, most people and aspiring filmmakers deem Spielberg’s life to be more like “heaven on Earth.” (Source:

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