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Dickon Pownall-Gray

Dickon Pownall-Gray
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Age 50. From ages 11 to 14, Dickon was severely bullied in the United Kingdom. On one occasion he was hospitalized after a particularly bad beating.

Dickon lives in Weston, Connecticut. He is married with three daughters. Three years ago he experienced a series of post-traumatic flashbacks from his time of being bullied. Dickon subsequently became motivated to help bullied teens. He decided to dedicate the next five years to developing multi-media anti-bullying tools designed to help protect teen targets of bullying.

Dickon did his undergraduate studies at Birmingham University and holds master’s degrees from the University California Berkeley and the London Business School. Dickon is a successful entrepreneur and prides himself on his ability to translate complex ideas into simple practical tools.

Dickon is funding the Surviving Bullies Project from his own financial resources.

Shan Shan Jiang

Shan Shan Jiang
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Age 23. From ages 12 to 14, Shan Shan was seriously bullied in the New Haven, Connecticut school system. Shan Shan’s experience was particularly difficult because she had just moved from mainland China. At the time, she spoke relatively poor English and was foreign to the culture.

Shan Shan found the courage to speak out about her bullying experiences as a panelist for the Anti-Defamation League’s High School Anti-Bullying program, (Names Can Really Hurt Us). 

After graduating from Yale University with a B.A. in Sociology, Shan Shan dedicating a year working full time with Dickon on the Surviving Bullies Project before attending medical school.

Rebecca Cohen

Age 22.  Rebecca attended the same middle school and high school as Shan Shan, in a community where there was low acceptance for difference. In her senior year of high school, Rebecca was cyber-bullied by a fellow honors student, who sent her harassing e-mails and fabricated lies in an online journal about her. When Rebecca tried to appeal to school authorities for help, they didn’t believe her. She felt helpless—as if her reputation among school authorities as a “good student” was erased, and that she had been branded the “problem student.”

Rebecca graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, and was happy to join the SBP team with Dickon and Shan Shan to help in the anti-bullying awareness campaign.

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