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Did You Know: Tyra Banks was Bullied

Claim to Fame:

Tyra BanksTyra Banks has made a splash in both the entertainment and the fashion industry. As a model, Tyra was the first African-American to be featured on the Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. Tyra has also graced the covers of top international fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle. She has modeled for Cover Girl, Swatch, Pepsi, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Mcdonalds, and Dolce & Gabbana while jetting to world’s fashion centers—Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, and New York—to strut her stuff on the high fashion runway shows. She is one of the wealthiest supermodels.

The multi-talented Banks also has an exciting film and television career. She played opposite Will Smith on the fourth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as Will’s hot friend from Philly Jackie. Tyra has also starred in girl-power movies such as Coyote Ugly and Life Size. Currently, Tyra is the host of her own talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. She is also the host, head judge and executive producer of America’s Next Top Model.


Before hitting it big on the high fashion runways, Tyra wanted to flex her science muscles as a veterinarian.

Target Profile:

Despite her model good looks and success in her endeavors, Tyra was bullied as a teenager! At school, Tyra was picked on for being tall and skinny. At an interview for GQ, Tyra told a GQ reporter, “People called me Olive Oyl, Lightbulb Head, and Fivehead, because my forehead was so big.” At Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, Tyra was teased for being a stick: 5’11” in height and only 125 lbs in weight. (Source:

In the fashion arena, Tyra has also experienced her share of bullying. Due to jealousy over Tyra’s success, the british supermodel, Naomi Campbell tried to exclude our talented bombshell from walking down the runway for Chanel. (Source:

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