Surviving Bullies Project


Officially, we are the Surviving Bullies Project, a “grassroots effort dedicated to helping targets of bullying, their family, friends and community.”

But who are we, really?

We are a group of real people—spunky, fun, and steadfastly driven to make a difference. We thrive on the energy we have as a group, and we pride ourselves in being a little bit of everything. Together, we are writers, computer techies, innovators, spokespeople, advocates, music buffs, aspiring cartoonists, and sports fanatics—all rolled into one.

Dickon: Author of Surviving Bullies Workbook, founder of the Surviving Bullies Project

Likes: Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Julie Christie
Dislikes: Howler monkey brains au poivre
Favorite Music: Dvorak (Symphony New World), Mozart (Requiem), Sibelius (Finlandia)
Favorite Movies: Zulu (Michael Caine), Robin Hood (Errol Flynn), The Shawshank Redemption (Tim Robbins)
Favorite Books: The Power of One (Bryce Courtenay), The Physician (Noah Gordon), A Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)
Favorite Quotes: “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted” General Sir Henry Pownall, “Mean people suck”, Anonymous
Personal Heroes: Ernest Shackelton, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela.

Shan Shan: Illustrator, Contributing Writer, Resident Thief of Writing Utensils

Likes: Stealing other people’s pens, typos, happiness, puppies, Adobe Indesign, buffalo wings, PDF files,, China, sunny days, tardiness, awesome people, editorials, picture books, continuities, sushi, going to new places, overdosing on laughing, snorkeling, talking, sleeping, running.
Dislikes: mean people, rabid squirrels, dill pickles, egos.
Favorite Music: Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Jack Johnson, Alexi Murdoch, Michael Jackson (old school)
Favorite Movies: High Fidelity, Wag the Dog, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Vanilla Sky, Pretty Woman, Wedding Crashers, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Truman Show, Shrek, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Favorite Books: The Giving Tree, The Awakening, Pride and Prejudice, Kitchen Confidential, Complications, The Joy Luck Club, The Handmaid’s Tale, Nickel and Dimed
Favorite Quote: “Happiness is a journey, not a place.” – a button on my backpack
Personal Hero: My mom

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