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Case Studies: Brian’s Story

Brian is thirteen years old. His parents are divorced. He lives with his mother, who works full time. Brian’s mother is over-protective and recently, she insisted on hugging Brain in the school parking lot in front of his friends and classmates.

Brian is small for his age, slender in build, and has brown eyes and brown hair. Brian gets good grades, especially in math. He is also particularly enjoys music, theater, and art. By nature, Brian is kind and compassionate. Because he is an only child, Brian is shy in social situations and somewhat slow at verbal “comebacks” in a group setting.

Not Again by Shan ShanA year ago, a few of the boys on the junior varsity soccer team started calling Brian a “pretty boy.” The nickname stuck. Six months ago, Brian’s best friend Patrick asked Brian if he was gay. Brain laughed it off saying, “Of course not.” Patrick then told Brian that the rumor on the JV soccer team is that he was gay. Three weeks ago, Patrick told Brian, he overheard two girls saying that they had seen Brian kissing Phillip. Patrick had asked the girls if they were sure it was Brian. They admitted that it had been dark at the movie theater and that it might not have been Brian, but they were pretty sure that it was. When Patrick told Brian what the girls had said, Brain was totally shocked. Patrick also told Brian that half the boys in their class think Brian was gay.

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