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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Surviving Bullies Charity, Inc. (SBC, Inc.)?

The SBC, Inc., is a 501(c)(3), educational non-profit charity.

If I donate to SBC, Inc., what will my money be used for?

Your money will help us raise our target of $5 million needed to roll out our School Climate Project across the country.  We receive donations ranging in size from $5 to $10,000 or greater. Every dollar brings us that much closer to making this program a reality, which we hope to be able to give away to deserving schools free of charge. 

What is the Surviving Bullies VideoBook?

The Surviving Bullies VideoBook is a multi-media adaptation of the Surviving Bullies Workbook.  We took the empowerment tools and the practical advice of the workbook and brought it alive for teenagers by making it downloadable, interactive, and filling it with over 50 videos of teenagers who were targets of bullying themselves giving practical peer-to-peer advice.

What is the Surviving Bullies Workbook?

The Surviving Bullies Workbook is a guide to help targets of peer cruelty cope with the effects of bullying. The workbook takes its readers on five missions, with the ultimate goal of empowering the individual to handle the effects of bullying on their own. The Workbook is for those people who learn best by having a physical book in their hands that they can page through and write in. The Surviving Bullies Workbook is owned by Willoughby and Lamont Publications.  Willoughby and Lamont Publications is a generous financial supporter of the Surviving Bullies Charity, Inc.

What is your program in New York City?

We have implemented a pilot program in a New York high school, where we worked with Advisory class teachers, a curriculum developer, a guidance counselor, and parent and student coordinators to devise a 10-class program for their 9th graders.

These classes are centered around a case study, which research shows is a most effective educational tool at the top business, law, and medical schools. Our case study is based on the real-life story of a girl who was severely bullied (only the names and places have been changed to protect her privacy). Students read the case study aloud in their advisory classes. The emotionally powerful story promotes lively discussions about peer cruelty and bullying behaviors. 

For students who feel they need professional help after working through the case study, the program offers anonymous access to counseling professionals such as psychologists and social workers. 

Our hope is to increase awareness and education about the topic of peer cruelty, and to inform students and teachers that passively watching someone who is being bullied is like tacitly agreeing that bullying is okay. We hope that our program will evoke empathy and compassion, and provide students and teachers with the tools to be pro-active allies instead of passive bystanders. 

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