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As you may already know, being bullied is a tough thing to go through. It damages your reputation. It makes you feel as if something is wrong with you. Being bullied hurts badly because it isolates you from your classmates for reasons that seem to be outside of your control. What’s more, hidden beneath it all is an ugly world of shame and humiliation that festers with each additional criticism from peers.

The Surviving Bullies Project seeks to provide respectful and emotionally honest resources to protect young adults who are being bullied and help them regain control of their situation.

We have been working hard to achieve this mission. Recently, we have completed the first phase of the project, creating the Surviving Bullies Workbook. We strongly believe that the workbook is an empowering guide that can genuinely help a bullied individual. The workbook is based on extensive interviews with young adults, parents, teachers and medical professionals. It is also grounded in the latest academic research. It has been written with carefully considered advice aimed to help people cut through the panic and confusion resulting from being bullied.

What You Can Do:

You can help us achieve the project’s mission by sending us your bullying story. Your story holds tremendous healing power for currently isolated targets of bullying because it will help them soothe their feelings of isolation, shame, and humiliation. Also, by telling your story, you help bullied individuals find the courage to admit just how much being bullied really hurts. Most importantly, your story will give others hope.

Furthermore, we want you to tell us your story because the next phase of the Surviving Bullies Project is to create a powerful companion DVD to the Surviving Bullies Workbook. Our vision is to enhance our messages in the workbook via the DVD through interviews with parents, medical professionals, and especially young adults who have been targets of bullying. You can help us to create the DVD by submitting your stories.

So tell us your story!!!

Some thoughts on creating your story:

You can tell your story in a variety of ways. Feel free to create as a video file, an audio file, a podcast, or in a written form. Choose the format that you feel most comfortable with.

The key to telling your story effectively (so as to help other bullied individuals) is to focus on following main themes: What happened to you? How did you feel at the time?  How did you react at the time?  How did you feel immediately afterwards?

If you were able to put your bullying problems behind you, in your story, be sure to include: What were some strategies that you used? Who helped you, if anybody? What were the results of your strategies? Was there anything about the outcome that surprised you?  If you were to give advice to a younger brother or sister based on your experiences of being bullied, what would that advice be?

Remember, bullying can be an extremely shameful and humiliating experience for someone to go through. Your mission is to reassure other bullied individuals that they are not alone. Your ultimate goal is to motivate a young adult, who is suffering at the hands of the bullies, to take control of their situation.  Your bravery in sharing your story will inspire those who are currently being bullied to “hang in there” and keep working until they also get themselves out of trouble.

The age-old saying, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me” seems misleading to us. Why? Because wounds inflicted by sticks and stones, bad as they are at the time, usually heal into scars that gradually fade with time. Whereas, savage words hurled unrelentingly by bullies can deeply wound a target’s psyche, resulting in harm to the one’s identity that can last a lifetime.

Please join the Surviving Bullies Project in our fight to stop the power of negative actions and help others heal by inspiring each other to regain the control that being bullied takes away.

Don’t worry ...

As former targets of bullying, we understand the courage and strength it takes to share your personal experiences related to bullying. The idea of it being broadcasted to the world can be an even more daunting and scary. We appreciate your courage and generosity for sharing your story. While we want to help others by making your story available to them on the website, we are also dedicated to protecting you and your story.

So here is our pledge to you:
Once you have submitted your story, we pledge to contact you directly before making your story available to the public. We would also inform you exactly how and when your story will be used. You have every right to remain anonymous when telling your story. (If you choose to capture your story on audio or video, we have the latest audio and video technology available to preserve your anonymity.)

Ready, Set, Contribute!

For instructions on submitting your story, please email us at and we will respond as soon as we can.

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