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The Surviving Bullies Charity Inc. is dedicated to helping children cope with the potentially devastating consequences of bullying.

Our current focus is the School Climate Project.  To help targets of bullying, we must first find them.  Bullying is a shameful and humiliating experience; those affected by bullying tend to withdraw within themselves.  They are afraid to reach out for help.  Working together with schools, the School Climate Project, through its confidential online questionnaires, will identify children who are targets of bullying so that we can help them.  Once we identify children that are struggling with the effects of bullying, we confidentially provide them with access to the Surviving Bullies VideoBook.  This is an interactive, multi-media workbook designed to appeal to kids, and to empower them to solve the problem themselves.  It is filled with videos of teenagers, themselves targets of bullying, who give practical advice, based on their own experiences, to help kids overcome the isolation and devastating consequences of bullying.  There are also interviews with adult specialists on sleep and nutrition, as well as videos of adults reflecting on their own experiences with bullying.

We are currently piloting this project with three schools in Connecticut.  To be able to reach more children, we need your help!

What Your Money Will Be Used For:

Our dream is to make the School Climate Project national.  By raising funds, we will be able to roll out the above program across Connecticut and eventually around the country.

There are few programs for targets of bullying that go beyond the local level.  None of them address the critical problem of FINDING the targets.

You can help us find these children who are in need of help and provide them with the valuable resources that they need to cope with their situations.

Donate to The Surviving Bullies Charity

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