Surviving Bullies Videobook

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Surviving Bullies Videobook

Surviving Bullies Videobook Skills to Help Protect You from Bullying

Learn How to Protect Yourself From Bullies

Bullying survivors Dickon Pownall-Gray and Shan Shan Jiang developed this videobook to help you figure out why you’re being bullied, to protect yourself from bullies and, ultimately, even to prevent yourself from being bullied. This videobook is based on extensive interviews with teenagers and adults who have been targets of bullies—and you can hear them tell their stories, in their own words. The Surviving Bullies VideoBook confronts one of childhood’s most unspoken, widespread traumas. Bullying, like many traumas, can rob a child of his or her potential.

This videobook offers a positive approach and systematic framework to tackle the problem and overcome it.

We are extremely passionate about helping those who have become targets of bullying.  In order to encourage you to get started down the road to helping yourself, we are offering our First Mission:  The Incident Report to you completely free of charge because we know how hard it is to begin to confront the humiliation and fear of being bullied.  We believe that by downloading this mission, The Incident Report, you will take the first step on your journey towards defeating your bullies.  Good luck from the Surviving Bullies Charity team.

To download your free interactive copy of the Mission 1: The Incident Report, please click
here for the Mission 1 PDF with Windows Media Player videos
or here for the Mission 1 PDF with Quicktime videos.

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