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Read what a diverse group of people have said about our other book, the Surviving Bullies Workbook, have said:

Hadar Lubin, MD

Mother, Co-Director of Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, Connecticut, & Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is an essential, empowering, and effective tool to have in the journey of overcoming the devastating effects of bullying. It guides the readers, step-by-step, in how to disentangle themselves from the web of shame and humiliation cast by the bully.

Jocelyn Shur

Age 16, recovering target of bullying and aspiring writer, plans to pursue a major in psychology
This challenging workbook is an empowering guide that I wish I could have had access to when I was experiencing being bullied. I think it is an unique and an effective tool that will absolutely help any victim ... By using this resource one will develop a greater understanding of his or her situation and thus handle conflict in a more sophisticated and confident manner. The workbook is very personalized and it is obvious that the questions are created by someone with real experiences; therefore the insight is extremely accurate, and although personal it is universal ...

Charles Laird Calia

Father of two daughters and author
A guide not just for teens but also for their parents, Surviving Bullies Workbook condenses the often frightful lessons of growing up in just a few simple words: You are not alone. There is love in this book and plenty of useful advice born from the hardscrabble experience of once being there, experience that makes the Surviving Bullies Workbook an essential handbook for every child, parent, and educator facing the awful vicissitudes of life.

Scott Brown

Father of four and author of How to Negotiate with Kids
This is an innovative approach to an important problem—the most practical antidote to bullying I have found.

Debra Lynn Mucha

Mother and recovering target of bullying
When I was 13 years old, my parents took me to see a therapist because I was unhappy. I could not articulate why I felt this way. The therapist diagnosed me as having “normal” teenage girl issues. If the therapist had a copy of this book, it would have aided me in expressing my thoughts and feelings. Maybe I could have had appropriate counseling at age 14 instead of age 54.

Tracy Pennoyer, PhD

Mother and school psychologist
In a direct and open way, this workbook compassionately addresses the pain of being bullied while giving kids active support and tools to enable them to take charge of their lives. The reader will feel that the authors stand with them through this difficult process.

Ron Baglio

Father and Deputy Headmaster, The Eagle Hill School in Massachusetts
Dickon Pownall-Gray is a caring person and an excellent listener. The Surviving Bullies Workbook is the result of countless hours of interviews with the individuals who need this book the most—kids. The only actions you can control are your own. This book is a tool that will allow a victim of bullying to take back that control and move forward in a proud and purposeful manner. When a child feels empowered, success is right around the corner.

Gabrielle de Wardener

Mother and Human Resources Director, Loyalty Management Group
Bullying is as insidious in the workplace as it is in the classroom. This thoughtful workbook provides a comprehensive set of tools to equip victims of bullying to muster their inner resources, fully understand their situation, and move out of their isolation. The step-by-step format is clear, the tone sympathetic, the direction action-focused.

Robyn Altman, LMSW

Mother and clinical social worker
As both a social worker and mother, I find this workbook to be a valuable tool for those who feel alone and isolated. The workbook teaches bullied individuals empowerment and how “Not” to be a victim. Building self-esteem and awareness of self is essential during the vulnerable years of childhood and adolescence.

Andrew Pownall-Gray

Father and aspiring race car driver
The victim of bullying may be desperate for a way forward or resigned to accept their position. In either case, the workbook will encourage a desire for change. If my brother, Dickon, had this workbook at the age of 11, it could have greatly improved his life at that time.

Beau Doherty

Father, President of Special Olympics Connecticut, and former target of bullying
In my young life, I moved from Massachusetts to Minnesota where a Boston accent and an Irish heritage were viewed as different. I was bullied and went through all the various emotions, including rage, which landed me a suspension from school. My experiences in my youth have sensitized me to the population I have served for 30 years. I found the Surviving Bullies Workbook to have realistic skills that help bullied people cope, take control of their situation and understand the mind-set of a bully. I find that these interventions help one to free themselves from the haunting feeling that there is something wrong with them.

Mark Valenzia

Father and CEO, The Dormy House Companies
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is written in simple language that does not come across as patronizing and is easily readable. The workbook is informative, which will assist with the reader’s understanding of their enigma. Above all, if the recommended tasks are undertaken as suggested, I have no doubt that the subject will be able to forge a way through their perceived hopelessness.

Christopher Henrich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Georgia State University
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is an impressive toolkit of skills to help teens better cope with being bullied. The workbook succeeds in translating psychological research and theory pertinent to bullying into straightforward language that should resonate with teens. This workbook will be a valuable asset for victims of bullying who are striving to take back control of their lives from the bullies.

Ben Fine

Age 16, high school junior, lacrosse player and National Merit Scholar
Dickon Pownall-Gray’s Surviving Bullies Workbook offers a critically needed comprehensive system for dealing with bullies in a highly user-friendly workbook. This insightful workbook helps kids develop the skills to interact more comfortably and gain acceptance. It should be a mandatory read for all students, regardless of whether they have been bullied because it imparts tactics useful for life.

Brenda and Keith Bedingham

Co-Founders of Verax International
The Surviving Bullies Workbook provides a simple to use, practical framework for a bullied child or adult to follow—although mainly aimed at children. It is written by people who have a real understanding of what it means to be bullied—a result of their own experiences as children.

Katie Noonan, Ph.D.

Mother and organizational psychologist
It is widely known that lack of control is one of the greatest causes of stress. This straightforward guide, through its insights, “secret agent” interactive format, and actionable advice, returns some control to kids rendered helpless and hopeless by bullies—giving them a powerful and much needed emotional boost. What a gift!

Rev. Jennifer Brooks, J.D.

Unitarian Universalist Church on Nantucket Island and mother
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is a remarkable resource for children. It guides and empowers—successfully combining frank talk with a light touch. Copies of the workbook should be strewn about, free for the taking, everywhere children congregate. A “must read” for teachers, youth advisors, and clergy.

Jerry Friedman

Father and professional fashion photographer
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is a courageous effort to confront one of childhood’s most unspoken, widespread traumas. Bullying, like many diseases, can rob a child of his or her potential. This workbook gives the child and the parent a positive approach and systematic framework to tackle the problem and overcome it.

Daniel Bendor, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor Dept. of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine and staff psychiatrist, Child and Family Agency of South-Eastern Connecticut
This is an outstandingly clear and practical manual ... Because it is so useful, it belongs in the offices of private therapists, clinics, and school personnel. I can only hope the authors are working on a similar manual for primary school students.

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