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We’ve been receiving feedback from kids, parents, teachers, psychologists, and others—here is what we’ve heard so far. We welcome your feedback, comments, reviews, and suggestions—we read and listen to it all and will use it to improve the Surviving Bullies Video Book (and this website!) You can write to us via email at or postal mail to: Surviving Bullies Workbook
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Read what a diverse group of people have said about our other book, the Surviving Bullies Workbook, have said:

Hadar Lubin, MD

Mother, Co-Director of Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven, Connecticut, & Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine
The Surviving Bullies Workbook is an essential, empowering, and effective tool to have in the journey of overcoming the devastating effects of bullying. It guides the readers, step-by-step, in how to disentangle themselves from the web of shame and humiliation cast by the bully.

Jocelyn Shur

Age 16, recovering target of bullying and aspiring writer, plans to pursue a major in psychology
This challenging workbook is an empowering guide that I wish I could have had access to when I was experiencing being bullied. I think it is an unique and an effective tool that will absolutely help any victim ... By using this resource one will develop a greater understanding of his or her situation and thus handle conflict in a more sophisticated and confident manner. The workbook is very personalized and it is obvious that the questions are created by someone with real experiences; therefore the insight is extremely accurate, and although personal it is universal ...

Charles Laird Calia

Father of two daughters and author
A guide not just for teens but also for their parents, Surviving Bullies Workbook condenses the often frightful lessons of growing up in just a few simple words: You are not alone. There is love in this book and plenty of useful advice born from the hardscrabble experience of once being there, experience that makes the Surviving Bullies Workbook an essential handbook for every child, parent, and educator facing the awful vicissitudes of life.

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