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The Surviving Bullies Video Book is divided into five Missions, each designed to guide you, step-by-step, into developing your own Personal Anti-Bullying Plan.  The Video Book contains over 50 videos of teenagers who have themselves been targets of bullying speaking from the heart about their experiences and sharing their advice.  You can see examples of these videos on our home page.

You can buy the missions separately ($7.99 each*), if one particular topic appeals to you, or get them all for one low price of $19.99.

*In order to help you out and get started, we are offering our Fist Mission:  The Incident Report to you completely free of cost because we know how hard it is to begin to confront the humiliation and fear of being bullied.  We believe that by downloading this mission, The Incident Report, you will have taken the first step on your journey to defeating your bullies.  Good luck from the Surviving Bullies Charity team!

Missions Introduction

—Missions Briefing
—Missions Instructions

Mission One: The Incident Report

—VIDEO: Introduction to the Incident Report
—How to complete the incident report: who, where, how ...
—VIDEO: Maddie describes her feelings about being bullied
—VIDEO: Student definitions of bullying
—Describing the basic facts of what happened to you
—Types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Racial, Sexual
—VIDEO: Keyshon talks about being verbally taunted
—VIDEO: Students talk about the powerful emotions that targets of bullying experience
—How did you feel afterwards?

Mission Two: Demystify Your Bullies

—VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan introduce Demystify Your Bullies
—VIDEO: Anna, a bystander, talks about how she feels when she sees a bullying incident
—Analyze the bullies
—VIDEO: Many see Casper as a bully - are they right?
—VIDEO: Rachel - “Don’t fall into the trap of being impressed by the bullies image”
—VIDEO: Mia talks about the danger of having an internal negative voice
—VIDEO: “Mia, what would you tell a friend to help them demystify a bully?”
—Develop an action plan
—VIDEO: Rob got lucky by becoming friends with one of the gang members
—VIDEO: Do super heros get bullied?
—VIDEO: The Bully Rap

Mission Three: the Isolation Trap

-- VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan introduce the Isolation Trap
-- VIDEO: Evan describes how he became lost in the Isolation Trap
-- VIDEO: Risa talks about the power of gossip and rumors in the hands of bullies
-- VIDEO: Dickon describes Angela’s story - the effect that bullying had on one girl
-- VIDEO: An excerpt from 19 Minutes - a novel about a boy who was bullied that led to a school shooting
-- VIDEO: Chris talks about the need to reach out to others when you need help
-- Keeping a chart of your moods during the day
-- VIDEO: Chris talks about his strategies for focusing on the positive aspects of your life, not the negative
-- VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan talk about strategies for getting out of the Isolation Trap
-- Sleep and Nutrition - how they affect targets of bullying
-- VIDEO: Mary, a sleep doctor, talks about the importance of getting enough sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation
-- VIDEO: Caroline talks about how sleep deprivation has affected her life
-- VIDEO: Mary talks about the effect of sleep on beauty and athletic performance
-- VIDEO: Maddie suggests techniques for falling asleep when we’re feeling stressed
-- VIDEO: Deanne, a nutritionist, talks about the importance of food as fuel for our bodies
-- VIDEO: Jeramie talks about how sleep and nutrition affect his life
-- Confidence Building Steps to Take
-- VIDEO: Maddie talks about finding an activity that you love to take your mind off your problems
-- VIDEO: Maddie talks about the role that writing plays in her life
-- VIDEO: Jeramie describes how using your talents can make you feel better about yourself
-- See your own awesome personal attributes
-- VIDEO: An excerpt from 19 Minutes about popularity
-- Your personal business card
-- VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan describe Chinese Water Torture
-- An experiment for you to try
-- VIDEO: Dicken talks about insults
-- VIDEO: Mary explains the warning signs that show when you need to reach out for help

Mission Four: the Bully Antidote

—VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan introduce the Bully Antidote
—Analyzing your appearance to see if it’s contributing to bullying
—VIDEO: Jocelyn talks about whether we should change our appearance if we’re getting picked on for it
—VIDEO: Jeramie gives his insights into appearance from his own experiences
—VIDEO: Rob tells how he was picked on for having freckles and how he turned it around to his advantage
—VIDEO: John talks about “demeanor” - how we carry ourselves physically - and how this influences bullying
—Analyzing your interactive style - how you relate to others
—VIDEO: Caroline talks about being shy and how people react to her because of her shyness
—VIDEO: Mia tells a story about a friend who “crowds her space” and how it makes her feel
—VIDEO: Josh talks about the importance of body language
—VIDEO: Jocelyn shares her insights about “social cues” - paying attention to other people’s reactions
—VIDEO: Rachel explains how important your reaction is when someone picks on you and gives some valuable advice
—VIDEO: Matt shares a story about when he was bullied and how he handled it
—VIDEO: Dicken discusses jealousy and the role it can play in bullying
—The importance of being “up” on teen topics
—VIDEO: Maddie gives some practical tips on easy ways to improve your knowledge of teen topics

Mission Five: Make Friends/Build Support

—VIDEO: Dickon and Shan Shan introduce the Make Friends mission
—VIDEO: Jocelyn explains her strategies for making friends
—VIDEO: Charles explains that every new friend can be a chance to have a “clean slate” and be yourself
—VIDEO: Maddie discusses the importance of having as wide a social network as possible
—The value of clubs and outside interests
—VIDEO: Maddie talks about how after-school clubs helped her deal with bullying
—Breaking the ice when meeting new people
—VIDEO: Jeramie gives some simple ways to start a conversation with someone you don’t know
—VIDEO: Darius has more suggestions for how to make new friends, especially for guys
—Analyzing bystanders
—Analyzing others who get along well with everyone to learn their techniques
—VIDEO: Dicken talks about the importance of “being yourself” when making new friends
—VIDEO: 3 High School Sports Team Captains talk about themselves as “allies” for kids who might be having trouble with bullies
—“To Do” list for making new friends
—Repairing damaged relationships
—VIDEO: Caroline talks about friendships and the importance of apologizing to preserve them
—VIDEO: Andrianna shares her experiences with bullying because other girls were jealous of her
—Criticizing vs. praising your friends
—VIDEO: Keyshon talks about others’ expectations of him, and his own high expectations of himself.  Sometimes he’s the one who’s most critical of himself.
—Action list: repairing damaged relationships

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—Anti-bullying Agent Profiles

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