You Are Not Alone

These Are Your Stories

Whatever is going on in your life, it helps to realize you are not alone. These are your stories.

The Case Studies section takes a look at bullying targets, why they became a target if known, and what they did to end the bullying or learn how to cope with being bullied even if they couldn’t end it.

The Did You Know ... ? section reveals some surprises: did you know you have something in common with people like Tyra Banks and Steven Spielberg? Did you know that LOTS of very talented, sexy, and beautiful celebrities and other famous people were bullied when they were younger?

The Looking Back section presents the stories of bullying targets who’ve moved on in their lives and are no longer actively being bullied. These stories make it clear that the impact of being a bullying target may never go away and can have long-term consequences.

We want your stories! Your stories will HELP US make this the best website available for people who are and have been bullying targets. Find out how you can tell your story in the How to Help Us section. (Don't worry: we will NEVER reveal your identity anywhere on this website unless you ask us to!)